How to get luxurious hair like a celebrity

VIP Luxury Extensions Celebrity Hair Extension Blog Post

Having celebrity status means nothing if you do not look the part. 

Let us show you how you can create your own celebrity hair look.

Step 1 – Choose high-quality hair

  • It is very important to buy your hair from a credible hair extension supplier.
  • There are so many “fakes” in the hair supply industry, and before you know it, your beautiful and expensive locks start to feel like grass.
  • Be wary of cheaper wigs and weaves – You get what you pay for.
  • Rather spend a little more, and have hair that stays shiny, strong and healthy for much longer.

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Step 2 – Choose your hairstyle

  • Long straight hair is the better option if you want to play around with different hairstyles. The most popular lengths are 45cm and 55cm.
  • Curl your locks by using a curling tong or flat iron, or style your hair straight, by styling it with a high-quality styler such as the Moyoko Flat Iron.
  • The Moyoko’s blades have infra-red lights which reduce hair damage by 60% and help smooth the hair cuticle for a shiny look and softer feel.

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VIP Luxury Extensions Moyoko Infrared Styler Flat Iron      VIP Luxury Extensions Straight Hair Blog Image

Step 3 – Use a heat protector

  • Spray a heat protector on your hair before using your heat styling tools.
  • This will help your hair last longer, without breaking and becoming frizzy over time.
  • The Tressemé heat protector is a great option that works very well on all hair types. (Available at Clicks, Dischem and Takealot.)

Step 4 – Use the correct oils

  • After styling your hair, use the MK hair smoothing oil.
  • Pour 2 small drops in your hands and rub together.
  • Comb the oil through your hair with your fingers. The MK serum will help smooth any flyaway hair and make your hair look extra sleek and shiny.
  • The best of all is, this serum is infused with perfume, which will leave your hair smelling amazing.

VIP Luxury Extension MK Hair Smoothing Oil

Now go play around and experiment on different ways to create your own celebrity hair look!

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