The importance of using the correct products on your hair extensions

VIP Luxury Extensions Blog Importance of using the right products on hair extensions

Having beautiful hair is one thing, keeping it that way is another. Your hair is your crown, so why not take extra care of it? You do the same for your jewellery or that cashmere designer jacket right? Using the correct products on your hair extensions is of utmost importance.

Here is our secret to having luxurious and beautiful looking weaves and wigs that last longer!

Product, product, product!  The hair products that you use are the No 1 and most important aspect to keep your hair shiny, healthy and lasting longer.

  • Avoid products containing keratin and proteins, as these products will dry out your hair and make it brittle over time.
  • Focus on products that specialize in MOISTURE. Your extensions are not attached to your scalp, therefore does not receive the natural oils and minerals it needs. The right products will help put the necessary oils and hydration back into your hair pieces, whether wigs, closures, frontals or weaves.
  • Make sure the product is sulphate free, and free from ammonia and parabens, to prevent any harmful chemicals on your tresses.

Products that work wonders on your hair pieces and hair extensions

  • The Argan Oil Hair Range – This hair range is filled with moisture and natural oils to keep your hair soft, shiny and hydrated.
  • SōL Professional Hair Care  – SoL is formulated for 100% human hair extensions like wigs, weaves, closures and frontals. The prOducts range is sulphate free and free from all chemicals that can damage your hair.

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We hope this article helped you realise the importance of using the correct products on your hair pieces.

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