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More About the Company

Based in South Africa, VIP Luxury Extensions is the No 1 premium hair piece supplier to women all over Africa. Our hair is sourced from only the best regions worldwide and carefully selected to suit the African woman. We strive to make women look and feel as beautiful as they are.

Celebrities, TV personalities, models, business women, and the top social media influencers choose us as their brand of choice.

Our team of dedicated personnel sources hair worldwide to bring you luxurious, silky soft, premium quality human remy hair. The ordering process from us is safe, secure, quick and accessible, which means you can have your beautiful VIP Luxury Hair delivered to your doorstep within a week.

We love beautiful looking hair so much, we ourselves wear and show it off everyday. Luxury is what we believe in.


VIP Luxury Extensions import hair from Eastern Europe and have the exclusive import rights for Africa.

Our human hair is dyed via a cold dye process, as oppose to being boiled to cut the dying process shorter. With the cold dye process the cuticle stays intact without breaking or losing it’s nutrients. Due to the cold dye process the human hair remains in its pure remy form.

Remy refers to the hair cuticle layer being intact and aligned, thus the cuticles are not damaged and run in the same direction as natural hair, therefor does not tangle the way human non-remy and fibre or synthetic hair does.

A multi-faced tinting system is used that make the colour of the hair look very natural and reflect different hues of that colour. VIP Luxury Extensions can easily be curled with a styling tool, easily straightened and coloured as well.

Look beautifully elegant, every day. Choose VIP Luxury Extensions and become the VIP you are.